66 000 chickens distributed so far in Mash East

MUTOKO-(ZIS), A total of 3600 households in Mutoko and Mudzi districts have so far benefitted
from the Presidential Poultry programme, bringing the total of chickens distributed in the province
so far to 66 000.
The households were drawn from Kawere Ward 4 in Mutoko and Shinga Ward 4 in Mudzi.
In Mutoko a total of 16000 free range chickens have been distributed to 1600 households drawn
from the Ward, with each household receiving 10 free range chickens.
In Mudzi a total of 20000 birds have been distributed to 2000 households in Ward 4.
The distribution of the free range chickens in the 2 districts brings the total of distributed chickens to
66 000 so far in the province.
Early last month Marondera and Wedza districts received 15000 chickens each during the provincial
The Mutoko and Mudzi handover of the chickens was presided over by the Minister of Provincial
Affairs and Devolution Dr Aplonia Munzverengwi who said the programme, besides ensuring food
security at household level was part of President Emmerson Mnangagwa's rural empowerment
programmes aimed at uplifting the standard of living for those in rural areas in fulfillment of the
Second Republic’s mantra of leaving no place and no one behind.
"Besides, President Mnangagwa has come with initiatives like Pfumvudza, the Presidential Goat
scheme, drilling of boreholes, all aimed at economically empowering the citizenry", said Honorable
She revealed that the province has been allocated 98000 goats for distribution under the
Presidential Goat scheme.-ZIS

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