Botswana delegation tours Marondera town


Archford Chirimudombo

MARONDERA- A delegation from Botswana’s Ministry of Housing recently toured the Chikomo Drive
in Dombotombo and Dombotombo walk-up flats to get an appreciation of how Zimbabwe is tackling
accommodation challenges and share ideas.
The flats, which will comprise 64 housing units, are being constructed by Leengate Construction
Company and are at various stages of development.
Bareng Malatsi who headed the delegation said the tour marked the continuing improvement of
Zimbabwe and Botswana’s relations as it showed that the two countries’ bi-lateral relations continue
to grow.
“Our visit here shows that we have good relations and we will continue to work with each other.
What we have seen here is a good project being done on a piece of land. Many families will be
accommodated here and we got an appreciation of how they are funding this project.
“The issue of housing can not be solved overnight in any country, but Zimbabwe is taking the right
steps and we have learnt a lot of things from our peers who are at the forefront in this walk-up flats
project,” Malatsi said.
Leengate Construction Company engineer, Kennedy Bhunu said they appreciated the flats site tour
as this showed that their work was being appreciated both locally and across the borders.
He said: “As Leengate, we are grateful for this gesture. Notes were exchanged as both countries are
showing their dedication to address housing issues. Two of the flats are now at 80 percent
completion while the other two are at 60 and 70 percent respectively.”

Other members of the Botswana delegation were Mr Paar Frank who is the property development
manager at the Botswana Housing Coorporation, Mr Molebedi Khuduego (deputy director – Ministry
of Housing), Ms Marilyn Rachaba (Principal State Counsel) and Ms Bena Tibe (assistant director,
Department of Project and Infrastructure Planning).
The delegation visited Zimbabwe at a time the Ministry of National Housing and Social amenities is
spearheading the implementation of the National Housing Delivery Programme, a massive
programme aimed at delivering 220 000 housing units by 2025 and over 470 000 units by 2030.
Minister Daniel Garwe is on record stating that the housing delivery programme aims at creating
inclusive settlements which meet the needs and aspirations of Zimbabweans whilst utilizing locally
available resources. The development agenda is leaving no place and noone behind.
Urban renewal initiatives targeting the blighted sections of old cities and towns are being explored.
Derelict structures are being revitalised to make the dwellings more habitable, attractive and
modern. In instances where the structures are no longer sound, construction of new apartments is
being done.

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