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Chaminuka Provincial Newspapers

Parents in court for raping biological children


By Selina Mapokotera

MARONDERA-Parents of the two minor Macheke children who were allegedly sexually
assaulted by their biological parents were hauled before the court in Marondera last week where
the two children gave graphic details of how they were abused.
The two children, a boy and a girl aged 11 and eight respectively narrated to the court how their
parents took turns to sexually abuse them with the mother allegedly abusing the boy while the
father did the same to the minor girl.
Both parents have however denied the allegations saying that they are being framed by one of
their relatives whose son also allegedly sexually abused the minor girl.
In an attempt to cover up for her son’s actions, the relative is allegedly framing the couple, said
the accused in defence.
However, the 11-year-old boy told the presiding magistrate Ignatius Mhene that her mother
allegedly sexually abused him on four separate occasions.
"My mother called me inside the house and suddenly closed the door, removed my short and
instructed me to lie on the bed. She removed her skirt and covered my face with a T-shirt,” he
told the court.
On the other hand, the husband of the woman is also facing allegations of raping his eight-year-
old daughter on four separate occasions.
The girl told the same court that her father raped her on four occasions before ordering her not to
report the matter to anyone.
She said her mother rebuked her when she reported the alleged abuse to her.
She further told the court that on one occasion, the father who was in the bedroom summoned
her to collect the baby.
She told the court that the process was painful as she bled from her private parts.
Circumstances surrounding the matter are that in January this year the father who stayed at
Howgate Farm with his wife and the children allegedly raped his daughter before he was busted
by his wife, but they agreed to keep the matter between themselves.
However, the sexual assaults came to light when the minor children were caught by their uncle
being intimate.
Upon being quizzed, they implicated their parents as the source of the problem leading to their

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