Police targets schools in fight against drug abuse


By Kundai Sharamba

MARONDERA-As cases of drugs and substance abuse particularly among the youth in
Marondera continue to grow, police have stepped up effort to find ways they can combat the
vice that has spread across the whole country.
In an interview with this publication, deputy provincial police spokesperson Assistant
Inspector Misheck Denhere said, the ongoing campaign blitz is targeting non-exam students
in high schools and is deliberately excluding examination classes to avoid disturbing the
examination process.
The drugs commonly abused by students are crystal meth (popularly known as mutoriro),
dombo and cannabis (mbanje). They are also consuming drinks with extremely high alcohol
content such as kambucha,which is detrimental to their health.
The campaign by the police started on October 24 and is ongoing.
Schools covered in Marondera town to date include, Nyameni and Cherutombo High
Schools, with other high schools set to be covered before the end of the term.
As to why their focus is mainly on school children, Assistant Inspector Denhere said, "The
peddlers are now targeting high school students, which is why we have intensified the
campaign. This is all in a bid to save the lives of children whose future is our responsibility as
a community".
The police have been educating students on the dangers of substance and drug abuse. They
also paint a very vivid picture of the consequences of substance abuse and what will happen
when one faces charges of drug-related crimes such as theft, rape and public misconduct.

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