17-year-old boy up for murder.


Staff Writer

Members of the public have been urged to desist from using violence as a way of solving their
differences. This comes after a 17-year-old stabbed 27-year-old Trynas Dube.
The incident happened at Mahobo Business Centre in Lupane under Chief Mabhikwa.
Acting Matebeleland North Police Spokesperson, Ass Inspector Christopher Mahohoma said
Trynas Dube was at Mahoho Business Centre where he confronted the juvenile who is a shop
“The confrontation then degenerated into a fist-fight. The suspect ran into the shop and returned
armed with a knife which he then used to stab Dube once on the left side of the neck. Dube fell
down unconscious bleeding profusely.
“One by-stander, rushed to the scene and took Dube to a shade. He informed other villagers who
rushed to the scene and unfortunately they found Dube lying dead,” said Mahohoma.
The police have advised members of the public to engage third parties like community and
church leaders whenever there is a dispute.
“Disputes between two or more people, be it home, workplace or elsewhere should be resolved
in a peaceful manner without resorting to the use of weapons to either injure or kill another
person” said Mahohoma
Meanwhile the police have arrested the juvenile and the body of the deceased was taken to St
Luke’s Mission Hospital Mortuary waiting for a post mortem to be done at United Bulawayo

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