Chilengwa the Black Jewel of Hwange.


By Lessely Lee Chimushonga

Chilengwa Sandu who is popularly known as the Black Jewel has made shock waves in the poetry
In her slim body, she sways her hips around with confidence as she recites her own poems.
“I started poetry when I was only 11 years, my first poem was titled Victoria Falls where I performed
in front of hundreds of people and that gave me more confidence.”
In June 2022 Black jewel joined Shangano Arts trust, an organisation which deals with promoting
upcoming artists and showcasing their talent.
“Within a short period of time under the mentorship of Shangano Arts Trust, I have now made my
name in the poetry industry in Hwange. Shangano Arts Trust have boosted my confidence and they
have granted me opportunities on their social media platforms where I have gained a number of
followers as well,” she said.
The 21-year-old Black Jewel has managed to have live performances at the Main camp under the
wildlife conservation, the WWF organisation, the forest commission and Hwange council.
“Shangano Arts trust has given me the opportunity to compete at the Global contest of Creative
initiation under Rise and shine Trust where I won a gold medal.”
Black Jewel who completed her high school at Gebhuza High School in 2021 draws her inspiration
from Clayton Jenning, Pendulum from Nigeria and Albert Nyathi the Zimbabwean star.
“I dream to be one of the biggest superstars in poetry, I want to be known globally. I also want my
poetry to be an inspiration to my community and change lives for the better in my community,” she

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