Ntepe-Manama Community radio station set cover information gap


By Liberty Mutamba

THE small idea which was crafted in an open space at Ntepe Business Centre in 2009 to own a
community radio station has come to reality for the community surrounding Ntepe and Manama
after Minister of Information Publicity, Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa last week
officially commissioned Ntepe-Manama Community Radio Station.
Ntepe-Manama FM is the fifth community radio to be launched after Broadcasting Authority of
Zimbabwe (BAZ) in 2020, licensed 14 community Radio across the country, with Chiredzi's Awuxeni
being the first to be launched. Matabeleland South was blessed with four licences of community
radio stations – Bukalanga in Bulilima, Matobo Community Radio in Maphisa, Shashe Community
Radio in Beitbridge and Ntepe- Manama in Gwanda South.
While commissioning the radio station at a colourful event held at Manama, Minister Mutsvangwa,
who highlighted the importance of the station in bridging the information gap in rural areas, also
said the radio station should embrace the people in the region and their culture.
"The launch of the Ntepe-Manama Community Radio Station should be of this community’s interest,
It is part of Government’s efforts to uphold marginalised societies by giving them a voice through
decentralising of information so that no one will be left behind in country's attainment of an upper
middle class status by 2030," said Minister Mutsvangwa.
Speaking at the same occasion, Minister of State for Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs and
Devolution, Abednico Ncube, said the commissioning of the radio station was of local, cultural and
traditional benefit.

"This Radio Station will address our people and certainly their programmes will be of local benefit.
“Today, we are witnessing a milestone project in the community, which has suffered for years in the
information gap. Government is committed to upscale all marginalised languages with the mantra of
living no one behind and our lost traditional practices are to be revived by this radio station," he
Garanyemba's interim Chief, Jeffrey Ndlovu Nhlamba, said it was a welcome development and of
local interest to have a community radio in his jurisdiction as it was set to distribute local content
using local languages.
"We are happy that now we have our community radio which will speak about our problems,
projects and progress in our jurisdiction, It will be a basket to conserve our cultural norms and
values. We have been lagging behind in information distribution and now we are happy that we
have our own. This radio will be used to fight against Gender Based Violence, School drop-out issues,
among others affecting this community," said the Chief.
The Station has recruited local content creators across the wards to compile community stories. It
has partnered with several stakeholders like Media Institute of Southern Africa, NFT, Internews,
Currently the radio station is broadcasting within a radius of five kilometers and will soon cover a
radius of 40 to 60km.

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