Minister launches Lanyula Cultural Centre


Tichaona Mataruse

In an effort to promote domestic tourism, Minister of State for Matebeleland North Province
Richard Moyo officially launched Lanyula cultural centre in Lubangwe village 55 in Hwange
Lanyula is a Nambya word literally meaning sunset.
Speaking during the official launch of the project the Minister expressed his gratitude for the
memorable work in Lubangwe community as he applauded the initiative which he said will not
only change the face of the community but will also help youths understand their cultural values.
“The construction of this cultural village will not only change the face of Lubangwe community,
but will positively impact and empower our youth into learning and understanding the crucial
importance of safeguarding our rich cultural heritage hence embracing us all ass Province to
reflect on Ubuntu,” said Moyo.
Matebeleland, being a rainbow Province with diverse cultures and a rich heritage, he urged the
community to preserve the development and support such initiatives as it will create employment
to the local villagers. Women in the community who had a hand in the project were also credited
for their contribution in constructing the structures which Minister Moyo said if they are
empowered, will transform and empower the communities.
“To that end may we all commit to use this facility to empower all develop the village by
employing local villagers and by use of local materials for construction. Women who built the
cultural huts are in the right direction and they play a pivotal role in upholding our values as a
nation. They give guidance to communities and by empowering them you will be empowering
communities at large,” he said.

Following a call by President Emmerson Mnangangwa for those in the diaspora to invest in the
country Lanyula Cultural centre founding director Taku Mutepfa is working to ensure that the
call becomes a reality.
The project is in its fifth year since Mutepfa started investing in the cultural home from the
“The vision 2030 of driving the nation into an upper middle economy cannot be achieved if we
do not work tirelessly together. Rural development and empowerment is key as it remains a
priority of the Government. Therefore I urge you all to remain committed to the development of
all our communities as we are leaving no place and no one behind,” he said.
Meanwhile Matetsi village 1 Councilor Vulindlela Mhlanga Gasela also applauded the initiative
by the Mutepfa family for bringing home different cultural structures and values for different
ethnic groups. He said apart from developing the face of the community through domestic
tourism in Hwange rural, youths will also benefit especially those at school as it is in line with
the curriculum. There are different cultural buildings like the Karanga, Ndebele, Tonga huts and
also the Great Zimbabwe monument which is very key for learners from the local communities.
“The Mutepfa family has done well to work in line with the Presidents call of inviting all those in
diaspora to come back home and develop the communities through projects. Also his mantra
‘Nyaka inovakwa nevene vayo/ Ilizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi’ is being highlighted by the project
within our community. Our learners will also benefit from this initiative as it is line with the
curriculum and will enhance them to learn on something they can relate to,” said Gasela.

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