REPSSI hold a Road Show in Cross Dete.

By Lessely Lee Chimushonga

There was a hive of activities recently at Cross Dete when REPSSI (Regional Psychosocial Support
Initiative) a Non-Governmental Organization carried out a road show to raise awareness on various
health issues in the Hwange rural community.
The road show which started with music attracted a number of villagers from the Cross Dete.
Speaking to Diana Mutumhe the REPSSI Project Officer, she said the road show was meant to
educate the community about various diseases such as HIV, TB, Malaria and COVID-19.
The show ran under the theme “Resilient and sustained support for community systems
“The aim of the road show was to teach people about HIV, TB, Malaria and COVID-19 and showing
them that we want to promote health seeking behaviors.”
The road show was supported by the Ministry of Health and Child Care which spread the message on
sexual reproductive health.
“We are here in Cross Dete because the area is prone to teenage pregnancies and early child
marriages, hence we want to preach the gospel of reproductive health,” said Mutumhe.
The local Councilor Stanley Torima appreciated the efforts made by REPSSI on the road show calling
on members of the public to desist from stigmatizing those who may be affected.
“Fear of testing positive and stigma is one of the reasons why people avoid going for testing for HIV
and TB. As community members we should never stigmatise others. Let us show love to all
regardless of their status and encourage positivity among those infected,” he said.
More than 100 people attended the show and there was free distribution of condoms and free HIV

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