Businessman refurbishes Zindele Primary School


By Nontobeko Sibanda

ZINDELE Primary school staff and learners will finally get to feel how it is to be in a conducive
learning environment after Gwanda businessman, Fisani Moyo, made an exquisite overhaul of the
Located deep in the resettlement areas of Gwanda Central, Zindele Primary School pupils have been
struggling to learn due to the poor learning environment, where lessons were being conducted in
old garages with leaking roofs.
Both teachers and pupils were also susceptible to dangers posed by open pits that were a prominent
feature in the garage classrooms.
However, upon seeing the dire situation after a visit, Fisani Moyo, who is the Matabeleland South
Chairperson of the Affirmative Action Group and also Zanu PF provincial secretary for indigenisation
and empowerment, donated materials that enabled the complete overhaul of the school.
The walls were reconstructed, garage pits were closed and painting was undertaken to enhance a
good learning environment.
Teachers and learners at the school could not hide their joy when several people including
Government officials last Saturday gathered at the institution to celebrate the generous renovations
made by the businessman.

In his speech, Moyo said as secretary for indigenisation and empowerment in the ruling party, it was
his responsibility to develop marginalised societies and pledged to continue working for the people.
It is my responsibility as the secretary for indigenisation and empowerment to develop
communities, therefore, this is just part of the work that l do, and l will continue developing
communities which also fulfils the mandate proposed by our government that is leaving no place
and no one behind, he said.
He pledged to pay school fees for 12 children at the school and also empower women in the area
with 2000 chicks for poultry projects so that they take care of their families from the business
Through songs, drama and poetry, students expressed gratitude to the businessman for taking them
out of the challenges that they faced.
One talented student, Thelma Moyo, recited a poem that showed their struggles before being
helped, up until they received help from the businessman.
Senior village head, Thomas Bhodo Dube, also gave thanks to the development undertaken at the
school and encouraged Moyo to continue with his philanthropic work.
Councillor for the ward, Marry Mpofu, expressed gratitude for the work done by the businessman in
her ward and called for Government to bring more teachers at the school as there are only two
teachers who cater for all grades.
As a mother for Ward 22, l am very grateful for what Fisani Moyo did for us in securing a brighter
future for our children and l call for government intervention in bringing more teachers at the school
since there are presently just two, said Councilor Mpofu.
Senator Alma Mkhwebu thanked Moyo for the development he brought to the school as it is the
fulfilment of Vision 2030 that is leaving no place and no one behind.
Meanwhile, the businessman has also committed himself to other classrooms projects at schools in
Jonhsley and New Malawi, which are meant to ensure a safe environment for learners.

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