Chickens to supplement Government initiatives in Mutare


Sharon Chigeza

Mutare Remand Prison has been equipped with a poultry farming project start-up kit to help
inmates begin life changing projects to reduce the level of returns by capacitating them with
life skills.
Dave Munos Foundation, recently donated 100 chicks, 2×50 kg bags of broiler starter, 6×50
kg bags of broiler finisher, feeding troughs, infrared lights and treatment packages for the
pilot chicken project.
The project is meant to complement the rehabilitation initiatives by the Zimbabwe Prisons
and Correctional Services ZPCS in Manicaland province.
Speaking at the launch of the farming incubation programme, Dave Munos Ambassador,
Ngoni Dapira said the donation came as an incubation project which was to be self-
sustainable in order to be rolled out to other prisons in the province.
“The poultry farming incubation and rehabilitation programme for inmates is expected to be
cascaded to every prison in Manicaland through the proceeds realised from the sales. We
hoping to see Mutare Remand Prison as well as Manicaland as a pilot project in introducing
career life skills projects for inmates across the country,” said Dapira.
As a pilot project, proceeds from the chicken rearing project will be channelled towards the
start-up of similar projects in other prison facilities in Manicaland.
Dapira highlighted with concern the increasing level of re-offending as a result of failure by
inmates to adapt to the economic climate outside prison, hence the foundation found it
imperative to complement other rehabilitation programmes with the poultry project.
“Re-offending is increasingly becoming a problem because of limited options of life skills for
inmates, so by having poultry rehabilitation projects complementing other rehabilitation
programmes already running it will help give inmates another chance after serving their
sentences,” he said.
In 2020, seven inmates from Mutare Remand were re-arrested for committing similar
offences three months after their release under the Presidential pardon.
Under the new dispensation, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has encouraged entities to
enter into public private partnerships to cut fiscal expenditures in which the Dave Munos
Foundation has taken heed of in partnering ZPCS in its rehabilitation programmes.
“Public-Private Partnerships in the modern world have emerged as an innovative way to put
together Government resources and private companies in order to achieve development
goals,” said Dapira.

Expressing her gratitude for the donation, ZPCS Officer Commanding Manicaland,
Spetosomusa Moyo-Chinobva said they were excited to have such partners that bring
innovative and most importantly sustainable projects to the service.
“It is encouraging to have one of our own, born and bred in Mutare coming up with such
brilliant ideas that are self -sustaining as the country moves with development goals and
shying away from the donor syndrome,” she said.
She was pleased to note that as a result of the chicken project at the prison, the same
foundation managed to run a supplementary diet programme at Victoria Chitepo Hospital.
Chickens reared at Mutare Remand Prison under the rehabilitation Programme will be bought
by Dave Munos Foundation and donated to the hospital and other social welfare facilities
such as orphanages and old people’s homes around Mutare.
The Dave Munos Foundation also donated 150 chickens to Victoria Chitepo Hospital under
its supplementary diet programme which was effected last year.

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