Gweru Mayor threatens council workers

Staff Reporter

GWERU City Council workers committee threatened to boycott their works council induction
workshop over the local authority’s failure to pay bonuses as promised.
In a letter to GCC chamber secretary, Gweru workers committee chairperson Bhekiwe Jogwe said
they were not going to attend the induction workshop until bonuses are paid.
The workers union members later had a change of heart and later attended the three-day workshop
which ended on Wednesday.
The declaration by Jogwe and his colleagues was not met with kind words from Gweru Mayor
Councillor Hamutendi Kombayi who threatened to fire workers for incompetence.
In his letter Jogwe said the acting Town Clerk and the director of finance had promised to pay
bonuses for grade 1 to grade 7 at the end of October but had later changed the dates to 2 and 3
He said council has since paid grades 1 and 2 only and the others are yet to receive their bonuses.
“We have been following up almost on a daily basis and we have been receiving excuses.
“As workers committee we approached the acting town clerk in regards to bonus payment but it was
not fruitful and therefore as workers committee we have agreed that we are not going for an
induction workshop scheduled for next week 15 November 2022 before bonus payment,” Jogwe
Kombayi labelled the group overzealous and would be charged for incompetency.
“This is a workshop to guide each other on how we conduct business at Gweru City Council so if a
worker refuses to be trained what do you call that?
“The induction is to capacitate them so that they become acquainted with their duties. They cannot
mix the salary demand and an already booked programme,” he said.
Kombayi advised acting Town Clerk Vakai Chikwekwe to continue without the workers and then deal
with them when they return.
The mayor said as per the letter by the workers, council had paid grades 1 and 2, while the others
would be paid starting this week.
Residents said it was not advisable to induct workers who are disgruntled and demotivated.
“Please do not victimise your workers otherwise they will attend the induction to fulfil what you
want but whatever you say will fall on deaf ears,” one resident said.

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