Insiza-Godlwayo makes strides in HIV and AIDS fight


By Liberty Mutamba

INSIZA-GODLWAYO AIDS Council has been hailed by the Gwanda social service committee
for its practical implementation actions in fighting the spread of HIV, embracing less privileged
students to attain a better education and offering life skills in Insiza District.
In line with National AIDS Council's mantra 'To attain a free HIV nation by 2030', Insiza-
Godlwayo council has scaled up the protection of people living with HIV in rural set-ups by
monitoring the suppression of the viral load in one's positive body and scrutinising the nutritious
food a person takes.
The organisation works hand-in-glove with the Ministry of Health Child Care, local clinics,
hospitals, social groups and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
The director of the organisation, Mpumelelo Moyo, said they had helped more than 10 000
people in Insiza community.
"We have helped more than 10 000 people in Insiza District, covering at least 23 wards, realising
that people in rural areas are elderly and child-headed families, who do not consume the Anti-
retroviral (ARV) on time, resulting in their viral load rapidly growing, which shortens their life-
"We put such people under our umbrella by closely monitoring them, giving them Enhanced
Adherence Counselling (EAC) and ensuring they get nutritional food.
“We have the first domain where HIV-positive children from 0-17 years are groomed from
ground level up to the tertiary standard," said Moyo.
The Insiza-Godlwayo also gives a hand by economically strengthening the key population sex
workers, survivors of Gender-based violence and vulnerable children, who do not meet the
BEAM selection criteria.
Chairing the Social Service committee meeting, Councillor Thompson Makhalima, lauded the
work of the organisation.
"We are blessed in our jurisdiction to have an organisation, which mingles with Government
departments for the betterment of our society, I also challenge the organization to extend its
wings and reach outermost villagers who need guidance, social protection and rehabilitation,
their job is stunning," said Makhalima.

The organisation was registered in August 1997 and it mainly operated in Lupane, whereby 28
wards benefited.
In 2019 they opened their doors in Insiza and they are currently working to extend their
operations in Gwanda, which would be central to their activities in the capital of Matabeleland
South Province.

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