Masvingo Business Expo roars to life


At least 95 exhibitors registered for the inaugural Masvingo Business Expo which began last
Thursday with a number of investment enhancing institutions giving their presentations.
The Expo started on November 17 to 18 under the theme, ‘Masvingo, The Investment Hub
Towards Vision 2030’.
Masvingo Business Expo was expected to create a good interaction platform for private
sector and policy makers to ensure a conducive environment on a win win scenario and to
present an opportunity for investors to articulate issues they were facing when they wanted to
invest in Masvingo.
Speaking during a press conference the Vice Chairperson for the Expo, Andrew Chekani said
they were happy to have at least surpassed half of their target of 150 exhibitors and hope to
hold a similar expo next year.
“It is mainly an event that accommodates all business, the profit making and the non-profit
making business. It encompasses those from commerce, tertiary institutions, from hotels and
leisure and we have those from our line ministries. The main advantage of this expo is that
businesses have serious opportunities of meeting co-stakeholders that are also in attendance.
We really looked into having this in Masvingo because we said investment opportunities in
the province are there but are not being showcased. So far we have 95 exhibitors which is
really quite a very good number.”
“The challenge is always when you are something new things is the perception that you
don’t know whether it is true or not, whether it is some money making scheme or not and
some had been chickening out. We started seeing most of them two days before and some
were still coming in and paying even on the day of the expo.”
Meanwhile, chairperson for the Expo Clever Chingwara said a number of workshops lined up
for the delegates were presented by different investment stakeholders.
They had several investment enhancing institutions such as ZIDA, ZIMTRADE, AMA and
local authorities answering to questions and presenting their papers.

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