Masvingo youths urged to be innovative


By Sharon Chimenya

YOUTHS in Masvingo Province should aim to be innovative and adapt to the
ever changing technological space to grow their businesses and add value to the
Gross Domestic Product.
Speaking during a youth business expo held in the city last week, the Deputy
Director, Economic Affairs and Investments in the office of Masvingo Minister
of State and Provincial Affairs, Crispin Munatsi, said leveraging on abundance
of natural resources in the province and through value chain, youths in
Masvingo could improve their businesses.
The youth business expo ran under the theme, “Revitalising and empowering
youth business across value chains”.
“As youths you need to introspect and consistently adapt to the dynamic
operating environment and fully exploit the scientific and technological
advancements that took place in recent times.
“This calls for adoption of new ways of doing business. I am glad to realise that
among the exhibitors here are youths who have fully embraced technological
advancements and are doing business that can compete at international level.
“Some of these skills were learnt as survival skills during the lockdown period.
Some innovative youths moved away from the traditional face-to-face business
and went virtual. We need youths, who are innovative and I therefore urge the
Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation to link with universities so that
innovative entrepreneurs make use of innovation hubs being established at those
institutions,” he said.
Munatsi said it was the Government’s thrust through the Ministry of Youth and
its development partners to promote entrepreneurial skills development through
both institutional and outreach programmes.
He said they were working on creating an enabling environment that supports
and enhances the development of youths in all sectors with the ultimate goal
being of having an empowered youth excelling in Sport, Arts and Recreation
and all other sectors of industries by 2030.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as youths you should be aware of Government policies
and legislations that affect you, for example, “devolution”, which is enshrined
in our Constitution, Section 264(2) (Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment
(No20) Act 2013), which outlines the specific goals and objectives of
devolution in Zimbabwe. One of these goals is to transfer responsibilities and
resources from the national government in order to establish a sound financial
base for each provincial and metropolitan council and local authority.
The concept of devolution therefore acknowledges the significance of
empowering communities for sustainable development. This Youth Business
Expo, which comes at no cost in terms of exhibition fees, is thus a right step
towards empowering our youths in the province. Your businesses, if well
managed, should grow and contribute to the provincial GDP of our province,”
he said.
Meanwhile, one of the young entrepreneurs at the expo, Sibongile Kakono,
founder and director of Atimutsa Investments, urged the Ministry of Youth to
open up more platforms that are conducive to the youths, which will allow them
to advertise their products.

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