‘NetOne leaves no one behind in internet connectivity’


ZHOMBE – Telecommunications services provider, NetOne joined the rest of the world, in
commemorating the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) at Zhombe
Business Centre.
The commemoration was held under the theme: “Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-Gov and Access to
Information; leaving no one and no place behind.”
In his solidarity message to mark the day, NetOne Group Chief Executive Officer Raphael
Mushanawani said his company will continue to offer digital solutions that are relevant to the
diverse communities of Zimbabwe.
“As NetOne, we are strategically poised to provide inclusive digital solutions whilst transforming
lives and developing communities. We will continue to proffer solutions that open up opportunities
for everyone to embrace the digital era upon us by connecting the unconnected.
“… we want every nook and corner of our country to have access to information and to know that
we want everyone on board,” the Group CEO said.
Mushanawani pledged NetOne’s support towards offering digital solutions that are relevant to the
diverse communities in the country, in terms of geographical interests, demographics, infrastructure
development and culture.
“We will go into every Zimbabwean community with our overarching goal in mind but also with the
acknowledgement that our greatest asset as a people is our uniqueness and tap into that to bring
relevance and communal ownership of the digital space as we tailor-make solutions that advance
and embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-Gov and Access to Information whilst leaving no one and
no place behind,” he said.
The NetOne Group CEO said despite the fact that artificial intelligence technologies are led by
foreign territories, it was also wise localise them by bringing relevance and local applicability to suit
Zimbabwe “and bring ourselves up to speed with the rest of the world”.
“As NetOne, we remain geared to unify our voice with the rest of the telecommunications and ICT
sector in being inclusive at the face of the ever-evolving technological and access to information
“We cannot be left behind hence we embrace our own digital trajectory that promises not to leave
no one and no place behind,” Mushanawani said.
NetOne has come up with innovations like the Hurudza; Umlimi, Dzidzo – the e-learning platform,
One Money mobile financial services among others for the benefit of learners, farmers,
entrepreneurs, professionals, youths, elderly, the urban and rural folk.
The day has particular relevance to the National Vision 2030 and Africa Agenda 2063. It gives
impetus to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 16.10, which calls for ensuring public
access to information and protection of fundamental freedoms in the digital and cyber space.

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