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Pastors for ED Movement officially launched


Praise Chenyedzai

GWERU – The Pastors for Economic Development (ED) movement was officially launched by Zanu PF
Midlands provincial chairperson Senator Larry Mavima at Mtapa Hall in Gweru.
In an interview with the Times, founding member of the Pastors for ED Movement, Evangelist
Idirashe Dongo said the initiative is meant to help servants of God to meet and venture into the
politics of the country at the same time supporting the vision of President Mnangagwa.
''I am happy with the turn up that we got from pastors from all around the Midlands province, it
shows that we as church leaders share the same vision, the vision to see our country going forward
and to see our President ruling the nation according to the will of God,'' she said.
Evangelist Dongo said churches must unite and create oneness which is needed to build the nation
to its expected standard.
''Come church, come let’s build the nation together,'' she said.
Dongo pointed out that 85.5 percent of Zimbabwe's population are Christians, therefore church
leaders must encourage their members to participate in the building of the country's economy so
that Vision 2030 can be achieved.
''We have a part to play in building the nation's economic, social and political spheres and this can
only be achieved if we encourage people to vote for ED in the oncoming 2023 presidential
elections,'' said Evangelist Dongo.
Chief Jabulani Matubeko (Bunila) said: ''I am so delighted with the programme that was held here, it
shows that pastors have also recognised what the President always say, that a nation is built by its
own people and it is a good thing to see people of God uniting with their President towards building
their nation in unity and one accord.''
In a speech read on his behalf by Zanu PF official Wellington Magura, Senator Mavima who is also
the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Midlands Province, hailed the symbolic
relationship between the party and the various churches since the days of the liberation struggle.

He said the government and the party have always afforded the churches sufficient space to worship
and carry out other related activities.
Senator Mavima explained that the creation of the Pastors for ED follows that of various related
organisations primarily to support the candidature of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the ruling
party prepares for the 2023 harmonised elections.
He said the party’s leadership will work with Pastors for ED in various districts in the Midlands

Sen. Mavima urged Pastors and Bishops to encourage their church members to vote for President
“Winning elections is a numbers game and to get the numbers that we want, we must mobilise our
members to ensure that they are registered in their current constituencies,'' the provincial
chairperson said.
He urged pastors to embrace President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030 which is aimed at to achieving an
upper middle income society.
''For the vision to be achieved, there is need for a total buy in by the church leadership. Therefore,
church members should be educated and mobilised to support the vision of our President,'' said Sen.
He also encouraged church members to undertake various business ventures to sustain their families
and propel local and national economy.
''Pastors should also be involved in business activities such as mining, agriculture and
entrepreneurship so that they can lead by example in various denominations,'' he said.

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