Ward 22 villagers quest for development


By Nontobeko Sibanda

WARD 22 villagers are calling on the Government and donors to chip in with support that could see
their ward developing.
The villagers have to toil by walking to other wards to access the nearest facilities such as clinics,
cellular network connectivity and water.
Ward 22 councillor, Mary Mpofu, raised concern over the neglect of her ward as there are no donors
willing to develop the area.
Councillor Mpofu called on the authorities to give attention to her ward when they plan about
developing other wards.
My ward has been neglected for a long time. There isn’t any activity being done to develop the
“Villagers here want facilities that are found elsewhere in order to enhance development here. l call
on all authorities from the Government to donors to also consider my ward when they are thinking
of developing the communities,” she said.
A villager, Winnie Sibanda, said lack of a cellular network in their area was a disadvantage as they
ended up missing important information that they have to receive timeously.
Lack of network boosters here has caused more harm in our day-to-day living as we end up missing
important information that we have to know as villagers. We are not even able to communicate with
our relatives, who are in other areas far away, she lamented.
Another villager, Sifiso Ndlovu, said lack of a nearby clinic was exposing villagers to dangers of losing
their lives due to lack of timeous medical attention at the right time.
We don’t have a clinic in our village. We depend on Manama Clinic, which is 30 km away, and to
make matters worse there is no ambulance to carry patients in times of emergency, she explained.
The senior village head, Thomas Bhodo Dube, expressed worry over the neglect that they are facing
as villagers.
We have been neglected for a long time. We are in serious need of help so that we overcome the
challenges that we are facing in our community, the village head said.

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