PSMAS dismisses reports of closure


Harare (New Ziana) – The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) on Friday dismissed reports that it will close shop next year.

The medical aid society, which was formed by civil servants, runs a medical insurance scheme for government workers, and has other health-related subsidiaries.

It runs clinics and hospitals around the country, and has a membership of nearly one million, mostly government workers.

Reports of the medical aid society closing down follow its recent forced closure after its workers went on strike over non-payment of salaries.

But in a statement on Friday, the medical aid society ‘categorically’ dismissed the reports, and said it was in business for the long haul.

“Premier Service Medical Aid Society notes with concern rumours circulating on various platforms of its alleged impending closure from 2023. The Society categorically dismisses these rumours as not only false, malicious, and misleading but also bent on tarnishing the organisation’s image and reputation,” it said.

“Contrary to these misplaced assertions, PSMAS is not closing shop in 2023 or in the foreseeable future.”

The government recently poured billions into the health funder to capitalise it, after reports emerged of top-level looting of its coffers.

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