A rife of sex workers in Cross Dete


By Lessely Lee Chimushonga

Unemployment and economic hardship has often been the major contributing effect of commercial
sex work in Cross Dete.
Young girls from the age of 15 are seen loitering around trucks parked along the highway, they claim
to be in business yet everyone knows that their business is about thigh vending.
Stanley Torima the local Ward Councillor said Cross Dete is slowly becoming a social misfit.
“One cannot freely move at night or move with family members because there are a lot of sex
workers roaming around the small place,” he said.
“The Cross Dete community needs to be educated about the consequences of having multiple
partners and also the dangers of multiple partners. There is too much risk and parents also need to
monitor their children, because we now have sex workers who are children” he said.
Ruth Bikwa of Hopeville Zimbabwe a Non Governmental Organisation which deals with women and
vulnerable groups of people said there is need of awareness campaigns for the Dete community.
“To the young generation who are joining the sex working activities in Cross Dete, there is a need of
awareness against child prostitution.”
Bikwa encouraged sex workers also seek Sexual Reproductive Rights in order to protect themselves
as well as their health.

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