Allowances for traditional leaders increased

By Marsha Sengwe


TRADITIONAL leaders; village heads, headmen and chiefs play a pivotal role in fostering and
preserving culture in rural and communal areas.
They shepherd communities to follow the national vision while at the same time co-ordinating
Government’s development projects and policies.
They are a very vital cog in moving Zimbabwe towards achieving Vision 2030 – that of becoming an
upper middle income economy.
The Government is aware of the importance of traditional leaders, hence it is always working
towards improving their welfare and living conditions along with that of their communities.
Addressing village heads in Bindura recently, a senior official from the Traditional Leaders’
Department in the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, Joseph Mapungwana, said with
effect from this month, village heads would receive part of their allowances in greenbacks to the
sum of US$50 an individual.
Announcing the development, Mapungwana said this comes as the Government was also set to drill
boreholes at each of the village heads’ homestead as well as constructing at least two roomed
cottages to cater for visitors.
“Your pleas for allowance increment were heard and the Government noted your concerns, hence
you will start to receive part of your monthly allowances starting this month.
“Your nostro accounts have since been opened,” Mapungwana told village heads from Bindura
District gathered in the provincial capital on Tuesday.
All the boreholes were supposed to be solar powered and accompanied with a reserve tank.
The Government was in the process of confirming all village heads in acting capacities to substantive
“We have already bought your badges so that you are identifiable among your subjects. We made an
order for everybody and paid. We are only waiting for their delivery,” he added.
Meanwhile, all chief’s homesteads are set to be electrified across the country by 2025.
This is an ongoing exercise that has been on since the introduction of the Rural Electrification Fund.
The roads department was working on gravelling roads leading to their homesteads as well as other
critical areas such as clinics and hospitals for ease of movement.
Their vehicles would also be taken for intensive services every year whilst their plea to have their
drivers undergo CMED certified driving tests were still under review.

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