with Lawrence Penpusher Moyo in Hwange

Nsomba zaku Ndindindi (fish from the compound sewage) was one of the favourite relish for
mabhoni. Even hard core policemen failed to stop us from going ku soriji (sewage). Our frequency
kuNdindindi was at an alarming rate. The fish were just too tastey for us. It was a matter of…to hell
with hygiene.
If we enjoyed fish from soriji what could stop us from enjoying inswa that we caught in public
bathrooms and toilets. We went into public bathrooms and toilets collecting inswa with our bare
hands. It was a matter of hell with hygiene.
Remember we also went kuMarabho (Rubbish Dump) to forage for stale food. On a lucky day we
could find sausages, polony, packed meat, cream doughnuts, bacon etc. To hell with the expiry
dates. We chased away the dogs and baboons and ate the food. So these animals had no joy on
weekends because we took over marabho. They counted themselves lucky when we went out
playing soccer on a weekend.
Those were the days when bhola yamapepa ended in chaos. The losing host team would get the
visitors running for their dear lives. In fact there were dreaded sections which we visited at our own
Each compound had a section that had bullies, be it No1, No2, No3 or Cinderella. Railways was a No
Go Area. Only the tough stood the test of time munkomboni. The phrases Wania
Mfana;…Nizakubhamba Mfana were common during those days and we were always on the
Zikomo munkomboni.

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