Daring nurse beds soldier’s wife

By David Adin

A male nurse at Mudzinge Rural Clinic, in Shamva, appeared before Chief Nyamaropa’s traditional
court over the weekend accused of bedding a married woman from the nearby Nehanda Village.
The court heard that George Chimombe was in an extra marital relationship with Rejoice Dube, who
is married to Judge Tsatse, an officer in the Zimbabwe National Army.
Although Chimombe denied the allegations, Chief Nyamaropa penalised him following Rejoice
Dube’s confessions.
Dube told Chief Nyamaropa that she indeed was in love with the male nurse.
She told the court that she had fallen in love with Chimombe in a reaction to her husband’s
behaviour. She said that her husband had denied her conjugal rights for nearly eight months.
“If he is around, he always appears to be in a rush. He doesn’t quench my thirst, neither does he
even touch me. I had to find someone to satisfy my sexual desire,” she explained.
Chimombe, however sought to portray himself as a mere friend of Dube.
According to Chief Nyamaropa, the two’s shenanigans came out after Dube’s husband was tipped off
about the relationship by fellow villagers.
The husband had also come across text and WhatsApp messages between the two in his wife’s
mobile phone.
Chief Nyamaropa fined Chimombe four beasts. He was instructed to drive the beasts to Tsatse’s
homestead in Nehanda Village, Shamva, before 1 December 2022.
Meanwhile, Chimombe’s wife also pressed charges of adultery against Dube in the same court,
alleging her of engaging in an adultery affair with her husband, Chimombe.
This case will be heard on 27 November.

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