Dete water scarcity affects learners

By Lessely Lee Chimushonga

Learners in Dete schools, Hwange district are attending lessons for only four hours a day owing to a
critical shortage of water at their schools, Indonsakusa has learnt.
Despite receiving some rains early this month, the situation has not improved and cost valuable time
for learners who spend time looking for the precious liquid. Most of the affected schools are Sir Roy
Welensky Primary School, Saint Francis Xavier Primary School and Main Camp Primary School and
Detema Secondary School which are all in Ward 18.
In an interview, Ward 18 Councillor Stanley Torima said the situation of water scarcity is affecting
the learning process of the kids.
“Schools are closed around 11am because of there will be no water for consumption in the hot and
humid district. The boreholes are not working as they use electricity to pump water,” said Torima.
The Dete residents have now gone for over a moth without a decent water supply and are now
pinning their hopes of the coming rainy season.
“The water scarcity is putting learners at risk of a Cholera outbreak as there is also no water even in
clinics,” said Torima.
Nicolas Mpala a resident said most people are having to pay money to those willing to travel long
distances to find the water. While it is brisk business for the enterprising people who supply the
water it is hard on the pockets of residents and the local clinics.
“We have been hiring transport to go and fetch water for our learners, the transporters usually
charge us in US dollars.
Meanwhile, the Dete community is calling for well-wishers and other stakeholders such as Hwange
National Park to assist in providing water for the learners.

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