Ecko Taylor aims higher


By Rutendo Chigiya

Chinhoyi- GREAT Chundu also known as Ecko Taylor from Ruvimbo, Chinhoyi, makes
noise in the streets with his hip hop single tracks.
The upcoming artist turns 21 next month. He started singing in 2020 when he was still at
school. He studied Arts at “A” Level and has plans for tertiary, where he wants to study
In an interview with Telegraph Ecko Taylor said: “I started singing two years back, just after
my ‘O’ Level and the track was ‘Candle Light’ and as for now I am releasing singles only.”
The artist sees himself on top in the next five years because he said that he loves music more
than anything as he expressed in his track “King’s Servant”.
He has more than 15 songs and quite a couple of music videos, one of his best video of the
year titled “Voice of the Unknown”.
“King’s Servant” is a song that expresses a feeling within. A feeling of being a parent but not
a father, an expression of what you put first in your life and in my case, music comes first.”
He also has feature songs, “Open my way” with Tino B, “Lose my mind” featuring Rose. The
song was for valentine’s occasion.
Ecko Taylor uses social platform like Facebook and WhatsApp to distribute his music and
links to his You Tube accounts where he has quite a lot of followers, but feels limited as
some people have challenges with internet access.
He was motivated by the local Hip-Hop artist the likes of Takura and Holy Ten and urges
people to support local music.
“Society, our family members should support these local talents. Our dreams, music
communicates on different aspects, kuimba tinenge tisiri kurasa tsika dzedu,” urges Ecko

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