Lightining kills two.


By Rutendo Mapfumo

Police has urged people not to seek shelter under trees and in open buildings such as car garages,
gazebos or shades whenever there are storms accompanied by lightning.
This comes after Evans Moyo (22) and his three-year-old daughter were fatally struck by lightning
while his wife Nomatter Moyo (23) survived the strike with serious burns.
The Matebeleland North Acting Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Christopher Mahohoma
said the incident happened on November 13 November at Ndimimbili village, Chief Mabhikwa,
Lupane when the trio were in their kitchen hut when a bolt of lightning struck them.
In a similar incident, Tuuse Nyoni (29) of Gwatakwata area, Chief Siansali Binga died after she was
struck by lightning on November 13.
“On the fateful day, Tuuse Nyoni was at her homestead with her five-year-old son when it started
raining. The duo together with a passer-by, who joined them seeking for cover, sheltered in their
kitchen hut. It was during the course of the rain that lightning fatally struck Tuuse Nyoni and set the
kitchen hut ablaze,”said Mahohoma.
“When indoors, people should not shower or bath, wash dishes or do laundry during lightning
storms,” he said.

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