Married man in the dock for bedding minor

By Staff Reporter


A 20-year-old married man from Glendale will forever rue the day he decided to bed a12-
year-old girl, after police nabbed and dragged him to court on Tuesday.
He appeared before Magistrate Shingi Mutiro, who remanded him in custody to the first week
of December.
Representing the State, Edward Katsvairo said that sometime earlier this month the man
proposed love to the girl and the two began a love affair.
Last Friday, he met the minor on her way home from Bauhinia Farm compound, where she
had gone to play.
Since it was raining, he convinced the girl to accompany him to his house for shelter.
Upon arrival, he told his wife that the girl had been chased away by her parents and she
needed a place to sleep for the night.
In a bizarre arrangement, the two females shared the same bed while he slept in the middle.
Sometimes during the night, he had consensual sex with the girl, while his wife observed the
The following morning, the mother of the girl realised that she had not spent the night at
home and then looked for her. It was then that she discovered that her daughter had spent the
night at his house.
Upon further questioning, the girl confessed that she was in a “romantic relationship” with
him and that they had sex during the night.
The confession prompted the mother of the girl to report the matter to the police, who
referred the girl to Concession District Hospital for medical examination. The result of the
medicals will be used in court as evidence.

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