Performance evaluations for Civil Servants set for 2023

By Marsha Sengwe


CIVIL servants will from next year undergo performance evaluations, which will determine their
suitability to be awarded bonuses for their work.

According to Public Service Commission (PSC) chairperson, Dr Vincent Hungwe, effective from
January 1, 2023 all civil servants will sign performance evaluation forms that would be used to
determine if they deserve the token of appreciation at the end of the year.
Government has been awarding all its workers bonuses between November and December over the
past years but had opted to evaluate services rendered this year, a decision that attracted an
immediate backlash from civil servants.
“What you will be given is called a Performance Award. As for the directors, permanent secretaries
and chief directors, their awards will be availed within the first two months of next year. Their
performance reports are currently being assessed.
“The awards will be a certain percentage of their annual gross salary,” he said.

He made the remarks whilst addressing provincial heads of ministries and departments in
Mashonaland Central at Bindura Primary School on Monday.

During the event, Mashonaland Central Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution,
Senator Monica Mavhunga, appealed for the re-tooling of all government ministries and
departments in the province in order to achieve efficiency.

She said government workers in the province had a myriad of challenges that appeared to
demotivate them from achieving government’s objectives.

“We have so many issues that are affecting efficient service delivery within our various ministries
and departments here. We hope that with your arrival they will be attended to.

“Inadequacy of tools is one of the issues, including in my office. A number of employees are using
their personal gadgets to do work as there are no computers, vehicles and even accommodation.

“Many commute every day from different towns surrounding us coming to work.

We also have a single bus that ferries those who stay out of Bindura. This then affects their time at
work and quality of services they render,” she said.

Senator Mavhunga lamented the shortage of staff in the province which mainly affects the health
and education sectors, which have seen an exodus of staff mainly attributed to accommodation

However, Dr Hungwe assured the minister that the Government was committed to easing the
accommodation crisis through construction of flats for its workers across the country.

On the issue of vacancies, he urged ministries and departments to move away from the analogue
system, calling on them to digitalise.

“Yes, there are vacancies but, where possible there is need to move away from the analogue system
that we used to rely on and digitalise.”

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