Sky is the limit for soccer player


By Fortunate Gunde

THE sky is the limit for a young female football player destined for greater heights if given the
The 22-year-old attacking midfielder was the first female to play for Red Cross Club and played
at Old Hararians.
Lynn .A Kaseke was born on 30 November 2002 .She started playing soccer at a very young age
when she was in Grade III (3).
In an interview Kaseke said: “I was in the first team ndiri muGrade V (5). Ndaidzidza
kuBindura, and then I went to Mbare High School. Ndaitamba bhora pese ipapo from Form 1-4.
She once played for the Mighty Warriors but quit as she wanted to write her “A” Level
examinations. That was when she lost all her chances, while, also, her parents were against her
“Pari zvino ndiri kutambira hangu kuCUT. We have been working so hard as a team to be in
Division One, so that tokwanisa kutamba nemamwe mateams and kukwanisa kupinda
muPremier,” said Kaseke.
She only has two hours a day playing soccer and spends the rest of it on school work and other
Kaseke said: “Ndine machallenges ekuti ndinoshandisa kit yangu yandaka zvitengera Ndega. I
do not have a sponsor. I buy my own uniform haisi yechikoro.
“I would like to encourage the girl child to engage in sports. Havafaniri kuteerera vanhu
vanotaura zviri bad about soccer yevanhukadzi, like people who say it’s a sport inoitisa
mamuscle kuvanhukadzi.

“It helps kuita stress-free, kana munhu akaita engage kubhora hauna time yekufunga zvima
depression and misikanzwa. Takatarisa Rutendo Makore, she is earning a lot through playing
soccer,” said Kaseke.
Currently Kaseke is pursuing a degree in Retail and Operations Management at the Chinhoyi
University of Technology.

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