Youths in income generating venture

By Delight Dokotera


SINCE June, youths in Chiwaridzo 1, Bindura, have found a way of generating income for
They are running a vegetable project, which is generating income for them.
Tonderai Chigove (30), one of the members of the project, said that the team of four people,
has two females in it.
“We came up with the idea of starting the project since we are not employed and saw it as a
foundation for making money.”
The youths grow lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables.
They received seedlings from the ruling party during the by-elections campaign period.
“At first we started the project at Chiwaridzo shopping centre since a borehole was set to be
drilled. Unfortunately the plants withered because there was no water,” he explained.
After that disaster, they shifted base, but still in Chiwaridzo, where there now have a thriving
garden of the different vegetables.
The project is generating money for the quartet and Chigove acknowledged the ruling party
for laying the basis for the team.
“ZANU PF gave us a start with the seedlings which the public never thought of”, Chigove
They were now aiming at starting a poultry project as their next venture, once they have put
together enough capital.

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