Harare secures water treatment chemicals, supplies to improve


Harare (New Ziana)-Water supply in Harare suburbs is set to improve after the local authority at the weekend received a consignment of treatment chemicals, an official said on Tuesday.

The local authority last week advised residents that water production was suppressed due to inconsistent deliveries of treatment chemicals after most suburbs went for days without the precious liquid.

On Monday the local authority said it had received four loads of imported granular and aluminium sulphate at the weekend, with more still enroute from Beira.

Council spokesperson Innocent Ruwende told New Ziana that all suburbs would start accessing water, though on a rotational basis.

“Rationing of the available water is to be done equally in each and every suburb in the city. We will be distributing the water that we have to everyone but on different days,” he said.

“Council is being affected by the issue of procurement; it is not that we do not have the money for chemicals. There is enough money for water chemicals, what has been happening is that our local suppliers have been facing production challenges and there is a directive from the government which says that should buy from that company.”

“We are not allowed to charge our citizens in United States dollars, but it requires foreign currency to buy raw materials and our suppliers have not been getting money from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

Due to council’s failure to supply residents with running water, cases of diarrhoea have spiked in the city recently.

But Ruwende said diarrhoeal diseases were common during the rainy season.

“We have 50 City Council clinics and if you translate it is a case per day which is very normal,” he said.

New Ziana

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