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Everyone has a case to answer
A few weeks back, the nation woke up to the shocking news that a nine-year- old Tsholotsho girl had
been found to be eight months pregnant.
So shocking! Our lot found it difficult to come to terms with the revelation. It was just unbelievable!
We initially dismissed it as just one of those social media stories that sound more like a story from,
‘Believe this you will believe anything’ edition. For, never had Zimbabwe ever experienced such an
Little did we realise that this was after all a true developing story.
We were taken aback when last Monday there was indeed an official statement from United
Bulawayo Hospitals to the effect that the little girl had given birth to a bouncing baby girl.
Our initial shock turned into pain and then anger. Most of us are grandfathers. It was such a bitter
pill to swallow and many imagined being faced with such a scenario- the little girl being their own
As usual we brainstormed on the issue and we found ourselves with more questions than answers.
From the background reports pertaining to the said story, the little girl stayed with both her parents,
father and mother. Upon the discovery of the pregnancy by nurses at a local clinic- the father was
taken into police custody to assist with investigations.
The mere fact that the pregnancy was only discovered in its eighth month raises eye-brows as to the
innocence of the mother. Where was she in the seven months prior to the discovery?
There have been cases of school girls or even young adult women falling pregnant unprepared and
subsequently trying to conceal the pregnancy by all means possible.
Only in very rare instances have they succeeded beyond three months without people noticing
either the bulging midsection or the sudden change in behaviour and mannerism.
Here we are talking of someone (teenager or adult woman) who is aware of her condition and
conscious of the implications- hence her employing every trick in the book, including advice from
experienced adult women to conceal the pregnancy.
Only a handful managed beyond six months.
In the Tsholotsho case, are we supposed to be that gullible as to accept that the little girl’s mother
noticed nothing amiss with her daughter? Either in her gaining weight (as it were) in the midsection
or some other change with her daughter for seven months?
Agreed, the mother could have been too inexperienced to observe any anomaly, considering the
daughter’s age.

But then, at that age the little girl must have been attending school of some sort, either ECD or
primary school. Meaning, while the mother might have been blind to her daughter’s condition,
teachers and the likes at the institution she was attending surely must have noticed some changes.
In the event that owing to one reason or another she was not attending school- relatives or a
member of the community in the area would have noticed the girl’s changing body features.
They all saw nothing wrong with the nine-year-old girl.
In numerous cases of sexual abuses involving minors – despite the abusers having threatened their
victims into silence, many have been given away by the victim’s failure to walk properly due to
swollen genitalia.
In the Tsholotsho case, there is no mention of anything along those lines.
Does this then give substance to the goblin aspect as narrated by the victim to her foster mother?
In as much as we might want to buy the goblin dimension- believe you me, this will be a first of its
kind. Yes we have heard people confessing to being abused by goblins. But NEVER have we heard of
anyone conceiving as a result of a sexual encounter with a goblin.
Something somewhere is not adding up. There seems to be more to it than meets the eye. Father,
mother, relatives and community at large all have a case to answer.

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