15 years for rape and attempted murder

Sharon Chikowore


CHINHOYI – PRETENDING to be kind, neighbourly and compassionate while masking a
monster has landed a Mutorashanga man in jail after being slapped with a 21-year jail term.
He will, however, serve an effective 15 years, after six years were suspended on condition of
good behaviour.
Tawanda Muza of house no 153 Tafara 1 Mutorashanga was found guilty of attempted
murder and rape by Magistrate Ignatious Mugova under Section 89 and Section 65(1) of the
Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23.
Magistrate Mugova suspended six years for five years on condition of good behaviour if
Muza does not commit a similar offenses in that period.
The court heard that Muza and the complainant, who is aged 33 and who resides in the same
suburb, went to Chapuma compound for a funeral of a friend.
Around 4am on 22 October, the two and a third person known as Mary from Tafara 3 decided
to go back home. They walked together until they reached Taka’s shop, where they took
different routes. Mary went her own way, while the other two went theirs.
Upon reaching Mutorashanga Stadium en-route home, Muza, who was walking behind the
woman, suddenly grabbed her by the neck from behind using both hands, as if possessed by a
mad monster, chocking her in the process until she became unconscious.
Muza continued pressing his hands hard on the woman’s neck until she fell down facing
upwards. Not satisfied with what he had done, he then took a stone, which he used to hit her
on the face.
The complainant later gained consciousness but was astonished to find herself naked and
with just a bra on her and deep cuts to her face, which were bleeding.
She also found out that Muza had sexual intercourse with her while she was unconscious but
could not tell how many times he had helped himself.
She went home and was taken to hospital because of the injuries she had. The case was
reported to the police and she was later transferred to Banket Hospital where she was
admitted and received treatment and medication.

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