Agrarian transformation to benefit 9,2 million

By Sharon Chimenya

AT least 9,2 million rural populations are set to benefit from the transformation of the
agricultural sector as the Government seeks to improve rural development and
The transformation, which is anchored on the rural development 8.0 model is expected to
uplift from poverty the lives of people in the rural areas, who depend on agriculture. This is
in line with the Government agenda of living no one and no place behind.
Speaking during the official opening of the Masvingo Business Expo last week at a local
hotel, Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Dr Anxious
Masuka, said it was agricultural development that would lead to rural industrialisation.
“About 70 percent of the population is involved in agriculture and 61 percent which is 9,2
million people are in the rural areas. They earn their daily living from agriculture. It is
transforming these 9,2 million, transforming agriculture that will empower them out of
poverty towards Vision 2030.”
He said it was by changing the agricultural circumstances that would lead the 9,2 million
from becoming economic spectators to becoming economic participants in the attainment of
Vision 2030.
“The President recognizes that agriculture development will lead to rural industrialisation,
which will lead to rural development and that rural development will catalyse and facilitate
the attainment of vision 2030.
Rural 8.0 is a cocktail of interventions that are outcome-based meant to uplift people out of
poverty and accelerate Vision 2030,” he said.
The eight components of rural development 8.0 are the Presidential Input Scheme
(Pfumvudza/Intwasa), the Presidential Cotton Climate-proofed Scheme, the Presidential
Community Fisheries Scheme, the Presidential Rural Development Programme, the
Presidential Poultry Scheme, the Presidential Goat Scheme, and the Vision 2030 accelerator

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