Artist on the rise

By Nathaniel Gondo


Tafadzwa Mutamiswa, a Form II student at Chinhoyi High II is an Afro-pop and Hip Hop artist
on the rise.
Popularly known as TVbs, the 16-year-old, like most of them is a dreamer. He dreams of one day
breaking through into the A-list of entertainers, not just being the big thing in Zimbabwe but on
the African continent.
To back up his claim to aspiring higher hobby, the young artist already has 10 singles under his
belt with hits such as “Alone”, “Rudo featuring Kly and the rise of TVbs”, where he narrates his
rise so far.
He has featured on the high-riding hit single “Fire emoji” remix of Mashwest released by Stumo
TVbs is also a group member of The Wolf Kings, a rap group with Lil Scot and Young Baby.
The young artist spoke about what he sees as the challenges artists face in the music industry
because of the current business model, where the artist has to fund the various stages of
producing his or her music.
"You need money to record and to make a video, of which for me it’s expensive as I am still a
high school student. Upcoming musicians need more support from corporate sector and private
It’s hard for an upcoming artist to break through into the main stream music because the
arrangement with studios we use.
A challenge tied to funding has to do with marketing and distribution.
Since Chinhoyi does not have a community radio station, where musicians can have their
production enjoying air play. They end up resorting to social media platforms such as YouTube,
WhatsApp and Facebook.
TVbs says he is inspired by Black Diamond from South Africa, while locally it is the youngster,

There are current talks with their school authorities about setting up a music club at the school.
These are at an advanced level, in a development that will also help other young artists.
They started to hold up rap battles with his group mates Lil Scot, Young Baby and other artists
as a way of entertaining Chinhoyi audiences and also keeping youths away from ills associated
with drugs.
Music for some people is hobby, for others it is for entertainment, while for yet others it is a

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