By Delight Dokotera


Bindura Municipality Council continues to fail to address problems that have dogged
residents for some time.
The Council has failed to supply water consistently to all corners of the town, particularly in
locations for almost 11 months this year.
Chiwaridzo and some parts of Chipadze are some of the places, where residents have missed
the precious liquid for prolonged periods.
Residents from these locations, complained that they have been paying for non- existent
Brenda Bhauti said: “We are wondering if the delay to supply water by the Council is
because it has no money to by chemicals or there is still insecurity at Water Works.”
The Chairman of Residents’ Association of Bindura, Joel Mandundu, said residents were
suffering because of poor service delivery and that they were paying Z$20 000 a month for
zero service delivery.
“Council should deliver on some of the services that residents are paying for than keeping
them in theory.”
Mandundu also suggested the need for fire tenders in locations because residents were paying
for fire services.
“Last week a house in Mtowa Circle was nearly burnt to ashes because of a gas tank which
leaked when a serious load shedding hit the area.”
“Council is failing to collect refuse for almost two months in Chiwaridzo, which is calling for
high risks of cholera and typhoid outbreaks,” he said.
Sewage is overflowing in locations, which never had such challenges before.
Recently, Council fixed a sewer burst along Mtowa Circle and this precipitated the bursting
of another sewage tank at house number 1849 in the same street.
The owner of the house, Alerta Paswane (40), said that, “sewage bursts here each time the
problem is fixed at the other angle.”
Ward 10 Councillor, Cecilia Tsaura, confirmed that the challenges faced by residents were
discussed at the workshop held last week in Mazowe.
“Council is in process of buying another water pump, which is effective enough to pump
water to all parts of the location,” she said.
Residents were encouraged to keep paying bills so that the Council could provide for all the
services needed.
“Council promised to deduct 30 percent of every resident’s bill, so that all can pay the
remainder,” she added.
Tsaura said that the issue of burst sewage pipes was because the pipes in locations was
smaller compared to the increased number of residents, hence the need to replace them.
“Council is working towards changing the pipes in every location and so far some parts of
Chipadze have new pipes,” she advised.

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