Consumption of local products way to go


As part of initiatives to promote production and consumption of locally manufactured products
Buy Zimbabwe campaign has introduced a noble campaign, the Buy Zimbabwe week that will
run from November 21 to the 25th of same month under the theme ‘Defend and grow
Zimbabwean products market share’.
According to the national statistics agency ZIMSTAT the country import bill decreased to
US$729.60 million in July 2022 from US$753.10 million, notable items topping list of imports
include motor vehicles, machinery, fuel ,food stuffs with China and South Africa contributing
major import partners.
Consumption of locally manufactured goods of late has been of major concern as production in
the country faced challenges among them ageing and absolute equipment, smuggling, lack of
capital to finance re-tooling being critical issues that have been affecting production of locally
produced goods in market. A snap survey carried by Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has
shown an increase of locally manufactured products dominating shelves in major retail shops,
while informal traders still prefer stocking imported ones due to various reasons.
The festive season is already upon us with increased consumer spending as employers pay the
much awaited 13 th cheque with most civil servants having started accessing these funds from
their respective banks, hence the need to encourage them to buy local products as immense
benefits stand to be recouped from buying locally manufactured products.
The Buy Zimbabwe campaign initiative is a noble concept that unlocks local value chains being
critical in achieving vision 2030, thus requiring government support as alluded by his Excellency
the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa who was quoted saying
"As government we are working with Buy Zimbabwe to promote enhanced market access for
local brands during the festive season, as part of their campaign to promote local products. Buy
Zimbabwe introduced Buy Zimbabwe week which will run from November 21 to November 25.
Government supports this local initiative which helps to unlock the growth potential of local
value chains which are critical for achieving vision 2030 as well as guarding against the risk of
dumping of foreign products into the country in search of US dollars, cognisant of the fact that
Zimbabweans are masters of their destiny, the initiative plays a major part in taming inflationary
pressures particularly ahead of the festive season.
Indeed our wholesale and retail outlets are now full of locally produced goods as you do your
shopping, I exhort you to make conscious decision this festive season to create jobs, wealth and
pride for our great country,” said the President.
The onus is now on retail shops as well to play ball by coming up with exciting prices, bargains,
promotions as a way of spurring consumer spending that will also drive sales in their businesses
as current situation is gloomy with the advent and mushrooming of informal traders who sell
same products in car boots, pavements offering lower pricing ,creating competition in market.

Article is produced courtesy of Public Relations and Communications department of CCZ
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