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Masvingo Star Provincial Newspapers

Govt committed to accelerating school developments


THE Government is committed to ensuring the attainment of educational values
by marginalised communities and has embarked on accelerating infrastructural
development in schools, a senior Government official has revealed.
Speaking in Masvingo after a tour of the Nyangambe Primary School recently,
Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of
Government Programmes, Dr Jorum Gumbo, said the Government was aware of
the lack of infrastructure in some schools, which was affecting quality
“I am happy to report that during the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1)
period, the Government is giving additional attention to broadening access to
education by marginalised populations in both rural and urban areas. The
Government has embarked on deliberate programmes aimed at accelerating
infrastructure development and rehabilitation of schools.
These efforts resonate with the United Nations Sustainable Goal 1, which
requires countries to build and upgrade education facilities that are child,
disability, and gender sensitive and provide a safe, non-violent, and effective
learning environment for all,” he said.
Although the country has made significant efforts in ensuring universal
education, infrastructural development has been a major challenge in providing
access to quality education.
“The frame of our Constitution is alive to the importance of education and
therefore provides that every citizen and permanent resident has a right to basic
state-funded education including adult basic education. While the country has
made significant strides in achieving universal education, a key challenge
remains in access to quality education due to infrastructure challenges.
“It is indisputable that appropriate infrastructure is a crucial element of a
conducive learning environment in our schools. I say this because there is
growing evidence that points to positive correlation between the quality of
infrastructure and better instruction, improved student performance and reduced

dropout rates. The Government is acutely aware that some schools lack the
necessary infrastructure to provide learners with quality education, which they
are legally entitled to receive,” he said.
Dr Gumbo implored parents to complement Government efforts by contributing
towards the development of the schools through offering various services and
He also urged the private sector players to join hands with the Government and
help in the development of infrastructure in schools.
Meanwhile, Dr Gumbo said that the Second Republic had brought about a new
approach to the implementation of Government projects as they were key to the
attainment of Vision 2030.
The visits had been helpful in providing feedback, which has enabled the
Government to make interventions from an informed position.

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