Hwedza Mushandirapamwe road rehab progressing well

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- Rehabilitation and upgrading of the Hwedza-Mushandirapamwe road is progressing
well, with the contractor now in the process of surfacing four kilometres before opening them to
Mashonaland East Provincial roads Engineer Martha Ndoro revealed this to Chaminuka recently.
The upgrading of the road is being done under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme
(ERRP) and links Hwedza Growth Point with Chitungwiza town through Dema and is also a key link to
the provincial capital of Marondera.
In a nutshell, the road is critical for economic growth of Hwedza and other surrounding areas which
include Sadza, Chigondo and Nhekairo business centres because most farmers use the road to
transport their produce to local markets in Mashonaland East Province as well as to Chitungwiza and
The contractor, Masimba Holdings is upgrading the road from Feles Business Centre near Hwedza
Growth Point going towards Mushandirapamwe Business Centre.
Engineer Ndoro said that the contractor will upgrade 22 km of the road and already, the contractor
is about to surface 4km of the said road.
She said: “We have one of the important road infrastructural development projects taking place and
that is the Hwedza- Mushandirapamwe road. The contractor is almost ready to surface 4km which
they have done and about 2km that were left by the previous contractor will be worked on as well.
The current contractor, Masimba Holdings, is within the set timelines.”
In the meantime, there is notable progress on the construction of Rwenya bridge in Nyamapanda,
with the contractor revealing that the bridge will be opened to pedestrians next month while traffic
will be allowed to cross in the first quarter of next year.
The bridge links Manicaland and Mashonaland East Provinces through Mudzi district but was
unfortunately swept away by floods in 2012.
Bitumen World, the contractor tasked with constructing the bridge, is also rehabilitating the road
which links Manicaland and Mashonaland East provinces.
The contractor will also surface the road as it approaches the bridge, from both sides and will do
minor repairs on the other part of the bridge which was left intact when part of it was washed away
to ensure safety for every vehicle and pedestrians once it is opened for use.
Already, the contractor has brought to the site, all the material needed to complete the needed
bridge works.

Completion and commissioning of Rwenya bridge will bring back economic activities between
Mashonaland East and Manicaland Provinces, and people from both provinces will access social
services easily.

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