Man in Dock for Stealing Potatoes

Samantha Sumani


A 26 year old Bindura man was arraigned before Bindura magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura on
the 21 November 2022 for allegedly trespassing and stealing 18,6kgs of potatoes at Manyika
farm, Bindura.
According to Sheila Maribha for the state on the 18 th of November 2022 at about 2230hrs and
at Manyika farm Batsirai Muchenje (36) and his workmates who include Tafadzwa Mubaira
and Danford Nyanguwa were on duty guarding the potato field when they saw Cloudious
Meki approaching the field and started uprooting the potatoes putting them in his satchel.
Meki was then apprehended by the guards while in the process of stealing and they recovered
the potatoes.
Meki pleaded guilty before the court and the matter was remanded for sentence.

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