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Ilanga Provincial Newspapers

NFT, BSZ capacitate Beitbridge communities


BEITBRIDGE – NKOMWA Foundation Trust (NFT) recently partnered with the Bible
Society of Zimbabwe (BSZ) in conducting disability awareness sensitisation and economic
strengthening to communities in Zezani and Driehok.
NFT is an organisation that caters for the needs of the disabled while BSZ is a Christian
organisation that, among other issues, is mandated to translate bibles into indigenous
More than190 participants from the two communities were capacitated in disability
mainstreaming and inclusion, where among those present were traditional leaders,
councillors, representatives of non-governmental organisations and Government officers
operating at ward level.
Forty six participants including people with disabilities and caregivers received training on
detergents making and each participant received 20 litres of sunlight liquid for use, as well as
selling and an additional pack of ingredients for future use.
The two schools and community members received gifts from both partners. The gift packs
comprised bibles, hand sanitizers, clothing, and skin care lotions that were distributed to
people with albinism, disability books and pamphlets.
A total of 30 people with disabilities were assessed to benefit for crutches, wheelchairs and
walking sticks and also further assessment of children with disabilities, who are not attending
school was carried out by an educational psychologist.
Senior Village Head for Driehok, Castro Moyo, expressed immense gratitude to Nkomwa
Foundation Trust and BSZ for the enlightenment on disability issues.
“I would like to express my gratitude to Nkomwa Foundation Trust and partners for powerful
disability education. As a community, we have been failing to treat people with disabilities
like any other person and I believe with this education there will be great change in our
community,said Castro Moyo.
Zezani Ward 10 Councillor, Edward Ndlovu, shared the same sentiments and requested such
awareness to be continuously done in his ward.
The Bible Society of Zimbabwe acting programmes manager, Reverend Gwinyai Ndembera,
applauded the work being done by their partner, NFT.
“The programme was a success and the presence of Councillors and Village Heads is a sign
of great endorsement. The inclusivity drive still has to reach the remotest parts of
Zimbabwe,” said Ndembera.

NFT Director, Pick Nkomwa, said he was humbled by the support he got from the
Government, community and local leadership.
“I am so humbled by the support from the local leadership and Government arms in NFT
programmes. There was an overwhelming response from villagers. Despite the highest level
of stigmatisation and discrimination of PWDs in communities, I believe these engagements
and interventions will change the narrative of PWDs,” said Nkomwa.

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