PDP visits projects Mash East projects

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- The Provincial Development Programme (PDP) implementation and management
directorate recently visited selected projects sites to come up and agree on a comprehensive
database for the PDP and assess the situation on the ground in terms of effectiveness of existing
institutional arrangements.
Other objectives were to agree on effective structures for the management of PDPs as well as to
agree on reporting format highlighting progress in terms of implementation, emphasis on
contribution to national economic growth, job creation, enhancement of citizen livelihoods and
contribution to national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The site visits came at a time Second Republic is in the process of identifying and implementing high-
impact projects that include, among others, those that frame infrastructure and utilities, housing
delivery, food and security as well as well as economic and structural development.
Sites that were visited included the ZESA Pension Funds shopping mall, Dombotombo-Chikomo drive
walk-up flats and Marondera University of Agricultural Science and Technology (MUAST) in
Marondera, Mapfumo shopping mall and Muchinjike clinic in Murehwa, the Government Composite
office block, Mutoko bio-diesel plant and Chatiza science lab in Mutoko, Lithium Mine, Beta bRicks
and Kunzvi Dam in Goromonzi as well as Seke road, Melfort bridge and the Harare-Mutare highway
which is currently undergoing dualization.
The director in the department of programmes and projects George Madzimure told senior
provincial managers that this is in line with the Government’s commitment to uplift the people’s
standard of living.
“There is need for urgency and the upholding of good corporate governance in this exercise. Our
economic growth at both provincial and Government level should also be taken into consideration.
“Government is in the process of identifying high-impact projects that should either be started or
completed within agreed, feasible timeframes. As a province, you should take advantage of their
competitive advantages and promote production and value addition,” he said.
In the past year, more than 200 projects were fully implemented although some had their progress
stalled by COVID-19.
Infrastructure projects, especially roads construction and rehabilitation were prioritized, with
Government embarking on the hugely successful Emergency Roads Rehabilitation Programme 2
(ERRP-2) which saw over US$100 million being channeled towards the programme to rural and
urban local authorities.
Dams were also prioritized, with President ED Mnangagwa officially commissioning the
Muchekeranwa Dam in the province. Kunzvi and Chivhu Dams are also expected to be completed in
the near future.
Devolution funds released by treasury saw the construction of other infrastructural projects such as
bridges, schools, clinics and the drilling of boreholes.

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