ZIFA Northern Region launches Chairman’s Cup

By Marsha Sengwe


The ZIFA Northern Region Mashonaland Central Division 2 League will be ending soon.
To many who had found comfort and entertainment in watching the games every weekend,
this is sad news.
Do not worry however.
In an interview, the league’s seasoned chairperson, Gilbert Saika, said another tournament for
December, pitting the same teams in the league would be erupting into action.
Dubbed the ZIFA (Mashonaland Central) Chairman’s Cup, the tournament will pit the top
eight teams from each of the league’s two slots against each other in a knock out tournament
worth US$4 500.
Winners will walk away with prize money, sports kits and trophies, amongst many other
“All competing teams must be members of ZIFA Mash Central and in good standing,
including up-to-date membership (affiliation fee) paid in full,” said Saika.
Only the top eight teams from each League’s final log standing shall be permitted to
participate in the tournament.
If the opposing teams fail to meet the eligibility, the competing team will automatically
advance to the next stage. In the event that both teams fail to meet the eligibility, the board
reserves the right to use its discretion.
The tournament’s rules stipulate that only players on the final list that was approved at the
beginning of the season will be allowed to take part.
After the start of a tournament no changes will be accepted.
A team start list will be presented to the Technical Delegate or Head Referee at least 75
minutes before the start of the game.
In addition to players’ names, a maximum of five staff members are allowed. Only staff
members, whose names are stated on the start list are permitted to be in the technical area of
the field of play from the end of team warm-up until the final whistle, inclusive of the half-
time period and any stoppages in play. Outside of this period, only accredited team officials
may enter the Field of Play area.
“Any player, who receives two (2) cautions (yellow cards) during the tournament will
automatically miss their team’s next game. Any player, who receives a direct red card during
the tournament will automatically miss at least their team’s next game.
“All teams are encouraged to abide by the rules and regulations of ZIFA,” added Saika.
All players, coaches, team officials and match officials, must be committed to promoting
inclusivity, and to eliminating all forms of discrimination.
Any allegations of discriminatory behaviour brought to the attention of the ZIFA
Mashonaland Central Board shall be fully investigated. Any individual/team found guilty
shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions.
Winners will walk away with US$800 whilst runners up will pocket US$400. Individual
prizes include: Best player, $150; Best goalkeeper, $100; Golden boot, $100; Best coach
And most disciplined team, $200.
Also to be recognised will be the top two female teams in the province’s league under which
winners will pocket US$400 and runners up US$200. 00
The finals are set for either Trojan or Wadzanai Stadium in Bindura and Shamva

“The main reason for having the tournament is because our teams have not played Cup games
for some time.
“It’s high time they enjoyed the thrills that comes with cup games and their financial awards,
while also providing entertainment to soccer fans,” Saika said. He appealed to the business
community to support the initiative.

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