3 Midlands districts under floods threat


THE Meteorological Services Department has predicted a high likelihood of floods in three districts
of the Midlands Province, with tropical cyclones anticipated in some parts of the province from
December up to next year.
Likely to be affected according to the prediction is Mberengwa, Gokwe North and Gokwe South.
“What we managed to observe from our weather forecast is that we will have some heavy
downpours across the province from the beginning of December going forward. This is something
very normal during this period.
“However, we have areas like Mberengwa around Buchwa Mountain, and Gokwe North and South
where we expect severe flooding of more than a week,” Midlands Provincial Chief Meteorological
Officer, Ishmael Zinyewere said.
“In other low-lying areas, we might expect flash floods which might last a day or two. We urge the
DDC members in such areas to give people warning ahead of the said period so that they stay
prepared,” he added.
The Civil Protection Unit (CPU) says it has put in place some contingent measures to deal with the
anticipated weather phenomenon.
“It is very encouraging that some local authorities like the City of Gweru have managed to clear
some drainage systems in preparation for the rainy season. I can safely say they have managed to
clear about 80 per cent of the drainage in the city.
“The situation is the same in some local authorities as well. I am also informed that some evacuation
centres have since been identified where people will be housed once the situation goes out of
control,” said Midlands Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Abiot Marongwe.
“We are currently in the process of sourcing for requirements for people who will be sheltered in
such centres. Our clinics and other health centres are also prepared for diseases that are likely to
affect people during this period,” he further said.
Meanwhile, flash floods have already affected some parts of the country at the beginning of this
rainfall season, with Beitbridge among the hardest-hit districts.
Normal to above-normal rainfall is expected during this summer cropping season.
People in flood-prone areas are urged to be on high alert and to move to higher ground whenever
they notice rising water levels.

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