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Nehanda Guardian Provincial Newspapers

Armed robbers attack mine security


POLICE in Mashonaland Central Province are investigating an armed robbery case that took
place at King Bint Milling Company, Oxley Farm, in Shamva, where three robbers attacked a
security guard and went away with pregnant carbons and other mining equipment.
The incident occurred on 26 November in the evening. The robbers were armed with a pistol.
Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha, the provincial police spokesperson, said that Owen
Makoni (25), a security guard at King Bint milling company was patrolling when he came
across one of the robbers, who greeted him by name and he stopped.
They then began to converse but during the conversation the robber produced a pistol and
pointed at Makoni’s head.
Two more men appeared from the dark and manhandled him into a nearby bush, bound both
his legs and hands with a rope and left.
They also covered his face with a hat and took his Itel P37 pro.
Makoni tried to plead with the three men that he was in pain but there was no response. He
then realised that they had already gone. He untied himself and ran to the nearby village to
seek help.
With a team of villagers, they went back to the milling plant, where they found a bolt cutter
wrapped in a plastic and five pairs of sacks left near the plant area.
The matter was reported to the police, who attended the scene. The three robbers are still at
The acting provincial spokesperson for Mashonaland Central Province, sergeant major
Samuel Chikasha advised property owners to heighten their security levels as a way of
protecting movable property.

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