Beta Bricks set to establish US$10million brick plant in Melfort

By Archford Chirimudombo


MARONDERA- A US$10 million clay brick plant is set to be installed by Beta Bricks in Melfort, a
development which will address the shortage of the product.
The plant will be expected to increase product supply by 150 million between November this year
and June 2025 in three phases.
The first phase is projected to be complete by May next year and it will see 90 million bricks
produced annually.
Under the second phase, production will increase to 120 million bricks while Phase 3 will see
production being increased to 150 million bricks annually.
The increase in brick production is expected to compliment current output at the organisation’s
Mount Hampden plant where over 100 million bricks are currently produced annually.
Core plant equipment for the Melfort plant, consisting of an extruder, pug mill and sealer, crushers,
roller mills and accessories was ordered, and has since been delivered from United States of
America, with other equipment from South Africa and China.
The company has also received and started installation of two 1 MVA Transformers and metering
units at the site.
This modern and state of the art plant is designed to lower carbon emissions through the use of
latest and advanced tunnel kiln technology, making non-seasonal green operation technology
capable of producing all year round while delivering high quality product at a low production cost.
According to Beta Bricks group chief executive officer Godfrey Manhambara, the installation of
Melfort plant will ease pressure on the current product demand.
He said: "The installation of the Melfort plant is in response to the market and in line with our
overall mission to be the number one integrated infrastructural inputs group in Zimbabwe.
“In keeping with our vision to remain pioneers in the industry, the Melfort plant will be another
game changer to the infrastructural inputs supply industry.
Beta Bricks will be able to timeously meet market demand, provide quality products at competitive
pricing in an environmentally responsible manner and reward the shareholder with sustainable
value growth.”
On completion, the Melfort plant will be one of the largest brick manufacturing plant in Sub Saharan

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