Bindura Boxing Club revived

By Delight Dokotera


AFTER nearly 10 years during which it was not functioning, the Bindura Boxing Club has
resurrected and currently on a scouting mission around Bindura District for aspiring pugilists.
Their scouting mechanism is very fair and open, those willing to join the club have to engage
in street boxing tournaments.
Club Coach, John Mapepa, a one-time national champion in the sport and former
Mashonaland Central Youth Games Boxing Team coach, said they had what they called
“Wafa Wafa” tournaments, which they use to recruit boxers.
“Boxers engage in fights in a makeshift ring with an umpire watching them,” he said.
The club sank into oblivion sometime in 2012 only to re appear this year in August.
Mapepa said the recent Covid-19 induced lockdown affected their return. They had wanted to
return in 2020.
Training sessions are currently held at Manhenga Township, with public fights being staged
over weekends.
Young boxers, who are recruited into the club are from the community.
“The children come willingly and are passionate about the sport, as well as passing the
message to their colleagues,” he said.
Considering that the club is now recruiting young people, the club coaches seek total
assurance of the children’s engagement and commitment to boxing directly from the parents.
“The major thrust behind seeking permission from their guardians is to maintain good
relations between the club and the parents as they are the ones responsible for what is good
and not for their kids,” he confirmed.
“Parents with children involved in the boxing club are thrilled with the smart sport, since it is
not violent because of the disciplinary sessions that we carry out during training,” Mapepa
Currently, the club is supported by independent sponsors, such as Jealous Mapakaise, who is
providing a boxing ring where the boxers do most of their indoor training, and a miner,
Augustine Dumba, who bought boxing equipment like pads, gloves and uniforms for the
Mapakaise organises transport and food for the club whenever there are tournaments.
“We are looking forward to producing champions from Mashonaland Central out of the
Bindura Boxing Club,” he said.

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