Disabled children to benefit from MSU, UNICEF MoU

Praise Chenyedzai


GWERU — Midlands State University (MSU), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) together
with the Research Council of Zimbabwe have embarked on researches that seek to assist people
with disabilities to reach their aspirations and attain full education as well enjoy their human rights
like other children.
MSU and UNICEF recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will benefit children
with disabilities in Zimbabwe.
Speaking during a conference running under the theme ''Building Resilience on Children with
Disabilities in Zimbabwe” which was held recently, MSU Vice Chancellor Professor Victor
Ngonidzashe Muzvidziwa emphasised that the MoU is in support of the agenda of prioritising
children with disabilities in the country.
Prof Muzvidziwa said that the collaboration between MSU, UNICEF and RCZ will ensure that the
rights of people with disabilities are realised.
We as an institution are working towards making sure that all students respect those who are
disabled and our school of social work in its rebranding of programmes will make sure that Disability
Studies will be put into action so that all people get to learn and understand how to treat people
with disabilities,'' he said.
Prof Muzvidziwa added that the institution will also ensure that Disability studies will be done from
diplomas to degrees so that students with disabilities can also be educated up to the best levels of
I do agree that for a long time, programmes to do with people with disabilities we not put into
consideration but we as a caring and listening institution together with UNICEF and RCZ will work
together to ensure that the rights of people with disabilities are recognised in Zimbabwe and beyond
our borders, he said.
The MSU Vice Chancellor said the MoU between MSU and UNICEF will serve as a foundation of the
programme on people with disability.
This initiative should spread around the country and also helps us to link with countries from the
SADC region going forward to all other countries in Africa, he added.
United Nations Children's Fund representative to Zimbabwe, Dr Tajudeen Oyewale applauded MSU
for its zeal and passion to assist UNICEF and RCZ through researches, innovation and industrialisation
so that the main objective of assisting children with disabilities is realised.
''We are also on the agenda of inclusivity on children with disability and we aim to equalise them
with any other group of children.
Children with disabilities should not be viewed as outcasts in societies and should not be rejected
by the society that is why we are coming up with ideas to include them with an intention to ensure

that disability does not mean inability. We have to work with them on what they are able to do so
that they contribute to nation building as well, said Dr Oyewale.
Research council of Zimbabwe Board Chairman Professor Zororo Muranda said the collaboration
among the three organisations will enhance the welfare of citizens, to further national progress and
perpetuates justice in promoting the rights of children with disabilities in all nations.
Muranda added that the MoU was a positive step towards achieving the national goal of ensuring
that the rights of children with disabilities are met.

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