Government sets aside funds for National Sports Stadium renovations

THE Government has set aside funds for the renovation of sporting facilities, including the National
Sports Stadium.
The Harare venue, which is primarily used for football, is banned from hosting international matches
by CAF who deemed it sub standard.
The stadium will get a share from the ZW$1,2 billion set aside for refurbishment national sports
facilities following the presentation of the 2023 National Budget.
“With regards to sport and recreation, ZW$1,2 billion has been set aside for the rehabilitation and
upgrading of sports facilities and recreational centres, with the aim of modernisation to conform to
international standards.
“Some of the priorities include the National Sports Stadium, Khumalo and Magamba Hockey
Stadiums and refurbishment of Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex swimming pools and general purpose
halls,” said Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Prof Mthuli Ncube.
According to CAF, the stadium needs urgent attention in several areas to meet required standards.
Some areas include installation of bucket seats and electronic turnstiles, setting up a functional
Venue Operations Centre (VOC) and renovation of B – Arena.

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