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Chaminuka Provincial Newspapers

Hwedza Govt Complex almost complete


MARONDERA- The construction of new Government offices in Hwedza is now 98 percent
complete.The composite block is a deliberate approach by the Second Republic to improve employees'
working environment.
Government departments at district level will be housed at the complex, a departure from the
current situation whereby their offices are scattered at Hwedza centre.
Besides building the new complex, Government is also building district civil registry offices
in Hwedza, with the structure almost complete, except for the ablution facilities which the
contractor is working on.
Recently, the director for Flagship Infrastructural Programmes and Projects in the Office of
the President and Cabinet George Madzimure toured the complex and was satisfied by the
progress made to date.
He said: “I can see a lot of progress on the construction of the Government composite block
and the registrar general’s offices here in Hwedza. This will ensure that people access basic
services closer to them, particularly those based in the rural areas.
“The people in Hwedza will soon have the chance to access passports nearby and I want to
commend the Second Republic for making sure that important projects that have been stalled
are being completed.”
The director of public works in the district, Morgan Mapfanya said they are working on the
precast wall, with the project expected to be completed soon.
“By March next year, the project would have been completed. We are now working on the
precast wall which we expect to complete next month. Outstanding are civil works and at the
same time, we are also set to do signage. Currently we have the data installation that is being
done by a contractor.
“The civil registry’s office project is also almost complete. What is left is the strong room,
sewage drainage and ablution block, otherwise the main block is finished. We expect to
commission the same by March next year," he said.
Hwedza District Development Coordinator Kenneth Shumba applauded the Second Republic
for development projects across the district and also improving working environments of
Government employees.
“In terms of office space, we will soon be working under conducive environments as civil
servants. We thank Government under President Mnangagwa for this development.

“We also have people across Hwedza district who are travelling long distances to Harare or
Marondera for passports, now that is soon to be history because Government will soon
complete the construction of civil registry offices in Hwedza. This is commendable. The
community will access these services closer."

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